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Adaptability and Innovation:

In the ever-evolving world of golf course management, adaptability and innovation are keys to success. At East Coast Golf Management, we’re not just committed to managing golf courses; we’re pioneering a new-age approach to golf course management that benefits all stakeholders involved. Our unique business model centers around professional golf course management services, but what truly sets us apart is our Cooperative Marketing and Buying Program. This revolutionary program extends far beyond traditional management services, offering a cooperative approach that benefits not only the courses we manage but also extends its advantages to non-managed courses.

The Power of Cooperation:

Our Cooperative Marketing and Buying Program is founded on the power of cooperation. It brings together a network of golf courses under a single umbrella, fostering collaboration, resource-sharing, and bulk procurement. This collective approach empowers all member courses, enhancing their operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Bulk Procurement:

Pooling resources for bulk procurement is a game-changer in the golf course industry. By leveraging the combined buying power of our network, we secure advantageous pricing for goods and services. This translates to significant cost savings for each member course, allowing them to allocate resources more effectively, invest in improvements, and ultimately enhance the golfer’s experience.

Resource Sharing:

Resource sharing is another cornerstone of our cooperative model. We understand that not every golf course has access to the same resources. Through our program, courses can share equipment, staff expertise, and best practices. This sharing not only optimizes operations but also encourages continuous learning and improvement within our network.

Creating a Marketing Umbrella:

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of our Cooperative Marketing and Buying Program is the creation of a marketing umbrella. This umbrella extends focused attention to each course within our network. We understand that marketing is vital in today’s competitive golfing landscape. By collaborating on marketing strategies and initiatives, we help each course establish a stronger online presence, attract new players, and retain loyal golfers.

Benefits for Non-Managed Courses:

One of the most significant advantages of our cooperative approach is that it isn’t limited to courses under our direct management. Non-managed courses can also join our network and reap the benefits of our Cooperative Marketing and Buying Program. This inclusivity reflects our commitment to the golf course community as a whole. We believe that by raising the standard across the industry, we can create a more vibrant and prosperous golfing landscape for everyone.


At East Coast Golf Management, we’re not just redefining golf course management; we’re reshaping the future of the industry. Our Cooperative Marketing and Buying Program is a testament to our commitment to innovation, cooperation, and shared success. We firmly believe that when golf courses work together, they can achieve more than they ever could alone. Whether you’re an East Coast Golf Management-managed course or a non-managed course looking to elevate your game, our Cooperative Marketing and Buying Program offers the tools, resources, and expertise to help you thrive in today’s competitive golfing world.

Join us today and experience the power of cooperation with East Coast Golf Management’s innovative approach to golf course management. Together, we can drive success, efficiency, and excellence in the golf industry, benefitting golfers, course owners, and operators alike.