East Coast Golf Management Services

In these very competitive times, you need every tool available to ensure your patrons/members and their guests consistently enjoy the ultimate experience.
East Coast Golf offers different Scopes of Services tailored to your clubs’ specific needs:

  • Comprehensive golf facility management
  • Merchandise Management / Consulting
  • Marketing management
  • Facility and management assessment
  • Event planning

East Coast Golf is uniquely qualified in every aspect of facility operations and will provide leadership that ensures maximum performance of the asset. East Coast Golf provides owners/operators a company with proven management skills. Our team has successfully served as resort accommodation managers, PGA head golf professionals, PGA directors of golf and general managers, project managers and golf business owners.

A successful golf facility efficiently manages the seven main areas of facility operations.  Listed below are the critical areas of concentration and the recommended approach to analyzing / managing each one.


  • Primary objective is personnel: hiring, supervision and development.
  • Creation of overall awareness to fiscal accountability throughout the entire operation.
  • Facilitate compliance to all obligatory county, state and federal employment and operational regulations.
  • Access to superior training and development opportunities through the Professional Golfers’ Association of America, GCSAA, CMA and local education outlets.
  • Utilization of East Coast Golf’s national vendor account programs

Golf Operations

  • Provide qualified professionals to market and promote golf operation in regards to attaining rounds of golf and /or course usage to meet projected revenues.
  • Provide each employee with a positive environment consisting of proper training, accurate expectations and operational support.
  • Develop comprehensive Open-to-Buy plan for retail operations.

Maintenance Operations

  • Provide each project with qualified and experienced professionals who maintain a high level of course maintenance with considerable attention to small details which provide a complete golf experience.
  • Initiate a comprehensive plan for agronomy enhancement and cost efficient operations.

Food and Beverage Operations

  • Provide a staff that promotes a style and type of food and beverage operation that matches the desires of the owners and/or membership and meets the demand of the market.
  • Implement cost control measures that will ensure maximum profitability, while not compromising on quality and service.

Sales and Marketing Operations

  • Our cooperative marketing division will work closely with each golf sales manager / course representative to help maximize and promote property awareness and sales.
  • We will work closely with each property to market / advertise in out-of-market areas as well as penetrate in-market awareness for maximization of golf bookings.

Finance / Accounting Operations

  • Provide careful analysis of the financial and technical viability of each project.
  • Implement all aspects of the financial reporting system including financial controls, procedure and proper information systems.
  • Monthly financial packages will report profit and loss results, cash flow projections and capital expenditures analysis.
  • Prepare annual budgets and revenue projections for owner approval.

Guest Services

  • We look at our products and services through the eyes of our guests. Because of East Coast Golf’scommitment to extraordinary customer service, the global management styles of our company will protect and guarantee the ultimate golf experience.