Exciting Announcement from Azalea Sands Golf Club

Azalea Sands is proud to announce that we will be the first course on the Grand Strand to feature 8″ cups! The bigger cup size is a concept being pushed by many leaders in the industry of golf. There are over 100 courses in the United States that have already started using the bigger hole size. The bigger cups mean lower scores, quicker rounds and overall more fun. The CEO of TaylorMade Golf has been at the forefront of this concept from the beginning. The idea is to save a dying industry by attracting new golfers. The cup is a great way for beginners to play at a faster pace with more reward. Azalea Sands is a club that is all about fun and what’s more fun than more birdies and lower scores. Included in this e-mail is a link to “Real Sports with Bryant Gumble” it really gives a clear understanding of the concept and how it can change the game. The 8 inch cups are used on all 18 holes. We invite everyone to come out and make some birdies with us. For more information don’t hesitate to call Azalea Sands at (843) 272-6191